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Inpatient Rehab in Washington

Addiction is a mental illness that can be treated through the use of a drug treatment program and relapse prevention techniques among other methods. In 2013, the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration fount that 22.7 million people living in the United States, including state of Washington, suffered from a substance abuse issue. Many of these people received aid at drug treatment centers through programs such as inpatient and outpatient treatment programs. To find inpatient rehab in Washington for you or your loved one you can speak with an addiction counselor now who can assist you with locating a personalized program.


What does an inpatient rehab in Washington consist of?

Inpatient rehab consists of treatment programs that addicts are able to complete in order to help them in maintaining abstinence and beating their addiction. There have been many successful cases of drug rehabilitation in Washington that have resulted in addicts going on to lead successful and drug-free lives for many years after receiving treatment. A typical inpatient rehab in Washington requires a patient to stay at the treatment facility they are attending for the length of their treatment program. Treatment can range from short-term, which is no more than thirty days, to long-term, which is longer than thirty days. Patients are under the supervised care of the treatment center staff, and are therefore under more intensive care than what is available to patients of other treatment programs such as outpatient care.

Behavioral and cognitive-behavioral therapy methods are generally used in a standard inpatient treatment program to help the addict adjust to their new drug-free way of life. If it is necessary, the therapy sessions can also encourage an addict to see their addiction from a different perspective; this can aid them in furthering their recovery progress by helping them realize the harm that their addiction is causing. Addiction therapy is designed to help patients comprehend the effects a substance is having through a pros and cons list.

There are also alternative treatment options that patients are able to go through if they do not respond to the general therapeutic approaches. Art therapy and restorative yoga are highly successful alternative treatment approaches that are known to help patients resolve personal grief and emotional conflict. Most of the therapy settings consist of relaxed and stress-free environments where patients are able to feel free to express themselves and work through any problems they may be experiencing.

Inpatient rehabilitation can also consist of a detoxification stage if it is necessary for the patient. A detoxification for addiction is defined as the period before treatment, and can proceed in which a patient is required to naturally work a drug out of their system. If an addict who is completing detox is finding the withdrawal symptoms too difficult to deal with, the facilitating doctor is able to medically assist the process. Medical detoxification’s consist of gradually reducing the dosage of medication that is administered to the patient to ease their withdrawal symptoms until they are able to cope and treatment can continue.


Goals and benefits of inpatient rehab in Washington

As with the goal of any drug treatment program, inpatient rehab is designed to help patients in recovering from their addiction. To help patients remain abstinent from drugs and alcohol, relapse prevention techniques and skills are taught to all patients of any treatment program. The prevention skills include coping techniques and important information on how to prevent potential relapse situations. They are also guided to frequent support group meetings that are held across the state. Inpatient treatment is recommended above all other treatment programs, because it allows patients to be supervised and receive round-the-clock care while having their access restricted to the outside world where drugs can be obtained. If you or your loved one is struggling with addiction, dial an addiction specialist today for more information about the benefits of inpatient rehab.