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Sober Living in Washington

Alcoholism and drug abuse are serious problems that affect many people throughout Washington. Fortunately, sober living in Washington have been established to help alcoholics and drug users recover from their addictions more effectively in a supportive and nonjudgmental environment. The sober living program offers an effective form of addiction treatment and support to alcohol and drug abusers who want to achieve permanent sobriety.


What is sober living in Washington ?

Sober living programs place drug and alcohol addicts in housing together for a certain period of time while they recover from their addictions. One or more staff members oversee these homes. The core principle of sober living is a continued abstinence from drugs and alcohol, and housing staff work to ensure that no drugs or alcohol are brought into the home or housing complex. The purpose of this ban is to provide the recovering drug or alcohol abuser with a safe environment in which to recover and to avoid the threat of a relapse into previous patterns of drug and alcohol abuse. All residents are required to abide by the ban upon substance abuse and are held accountable for their actions if they fail to follow the home’s rules.

Many of the benefits of drug rehabilitation centers are present in sober living homes. Residents can be treated with anti-withdrawal drugs such as methadone if necessary, and attendance at 12-step program meetings or at sessions of individual or group counseling may be encouraged or required for the patent’s continued residency at the sober living home. However, residency at a home for sober living also allows the recovering drug or alcohol abuser a degree of independence that is not afforded to patients at rehab centers. The resident may be able to continue working at their job, for example, while living at the home.


The importance of mutual support and understanding

One of the greatest benefits of residency in a sober living home is the support that the residents can provide each other. The path to recovery from alcoholism or drug abuse is difficult and involves self-exploration and introspection on the part of the patient. It is vital that the recovering addict understand the reasons for their addiction so that they can address those aspects of their life that may drive them to use drugs or drink. By speaking freely about their drug and alcohol abuse problems and the aspects of their lives that may have caused their use, the residents of sober living in Washington home can form bonds based upon common experiences and help each other successfully overcome addiction.

The sober living program also focuses upon relapse prevention. The threat of relapse is common to all recovering drug and alcohol addicts. While rehab centers offer relapse prevention solutions, Sober living in Washington is specifically designed to help the recovering addict avoid a return to substance abuse. Residents of a home for sober living generally eat together and are encouraged to play sports and to participate in other activities together. By forming bonds and sharing their experiences with drug and alcohol abuse and recovery, the residents of a sober living home can help encourage each other to remain sober and to fight against the temptation of a return to substance abuse.

Find a sober living program in your area today

Sober living programs have played a large part in the recoveries of millions of Americans. If you or a loved one struggles with an addiction to alcohol or drugs, pick up the phone and speak with an addiction specialist today to learn more about the benefits of a sober living program.